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November 06 2014


How to Make Sex Better For Your Boyfriend

Better Sex
I'm glad you stopped by this article if you want to know how to make sex better for your boyfriend... and for you too. Here I'll help you get a glimpse into the male sexual mind and share some pointers for hot lovemaking. Enjoy...

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1. Before you jump right into sex, you need to build up his anticipation. This can be achieved by giving him a massage, dancing facing him, and using some dirty speak about whatever you plan to do with him. Be sexy but don't be low. You want him to respect you and think you're crazily sexy, not trashy. Teasing a man can only be done for so long without him getting frustrated so don't overdo this.

2. The second thing that can be done (which goes along beautifully using the first) is to actually initiate sex. Men love it when women assume control. They feel very flattered once you show exactly how much you would like to have sex together. Lots of women never initiate sex so this is good way to make yourself look special. Don't be shy. Say everything you let and want the hands wander where they should go making it clear to him that you're in charge.

3. The best way to make sex better to your boyfriend would be to supply him with perfect fellatio. Men love oral sex. It's probably their greatest pleasure. Supply him with some hot oral sex and you may see him as happy as could be. Making it good as possible for him, make sure to improve your technique by changing positions, using different motions (all around, circular, and so on), use lots of tongue, and stroke him along with your hands along with your mouth.

4. When you do have sex, take two positions at least. By straddling him, take control at first. This position is certainly one that it is tougher for men to climax so it may help him to keep going longer. Men enjoy it when you assume control. Once you get tired, let him be on top so that he too can experience what it's enjoy being in charge.

During sex, follow the dirty talk. You may be direct and explicit about what you would like him to do and just how you're enjoying your lovemaking.

Do everything that and your and you boyfriend will have better sex together.

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